Sunday, November 23, 2008

echo-series of "women's empowerment" thru ICT

we had finished two sessions of the echo series (though there was a twin brothers who joined us). i received yesterday fourteen emails from the participants and how thankful they were for the basic computer literacy training. i was so delighted because i too was not that literate in computer so i had to brush up in my readings re: short history of internet and other statistics to be able to begin my session on the internet. i let them composed their own g-mail addresses and send me a letter. what amazed me most was one of the participants was a 'hearing impaired' (young woman) and she was able to compose her own gmail( though i did not find a letter from her and the twin brother was not also levelled in their learning (one was more adept than the other). the two mothers (battered wives)-participants were also overjoyed and they want us to refer them to any kind of computer job that will help them augment their income. how i wish i can do that (job referral) but it takes a lot of networking and equipping of skills before one can be considered a computer worker. hope we can have another training (advanced) on computer. we were not able to take up e-commerce and e-data management because the entry skills of most participants were basic (though three of the young women were already well-versed in the internet; so we let them assist us with the other trainees). i too learned from this training because i am not yet knowledgeable with the excel program. i'm so thankful with this this amazing computer technology. i hope someday we can also provide these women a computer unit of their own.