Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was a little bit hesitant to use this blogname but eventually I understood there was really no accidents in life. While I was doing a round in UP oval, I was always asking myself about existential questions. It all started when I asked myself, "why do I personally believ in God". While running, I was amazed to find three significant answers regarding that question. First, it dawned on me that that the great expanse of the blue skies is really welcoming me to appreciate its vastness; then, I smelled the bitterness and sweetness of grass among other smells; I looked up the trees and I saw its wide stems and branches as if embracing the skies. I also heard the birds chirping and of course, the ants were all over the grasses. "Ahh", I said, "really God is so great that s/he enabled me to enjoy all these things for free!". Then, i looked into my self. Again, I realized the gifts that I have up to these days also come from the Great Creator. Up to now, I was so ungrateful not to thank him/her for those. And last, I thought about death. It was a mystery to me. But on second thought, I believe we await its coming because it is also one proof that there is something beyond us, the living Earth. Then, when I had a counselee in the afternoon, it was a serendipitous question that she asked: "why do I have to believe in God?"

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