Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Women Positive Sites at UP Diliman

In my twenty years of stay in this university I haven't been aware that there are women-positive sites till I saw this UP DGO brochure. Guess what? we have 17 women-positive sites at UP Diliman campus. Very interesting for me was that statue of a naked woman washing her hair at the UP checkpoint. Little did I know that it means washing away all prejudices and other biased perspectives because one will be entering a democratic and freedom loving university, one may not be able to experience that space if one is having a biased perspective. Another interesting historical site was that wall sculpture at the left side (right before the checkpoint). It depicts of two naked bodies, a man and woman, and the symbols of learning (books etc.) bordering their sides. This means that both men and women are equally capable of higher learning. One can also take a look at the recent scuplture at the Women's Studies Center named "dakila" (wisdom or great teacher). Perhaps, this is a quizzical image of a woman (fully dressed up and with an image of a sun emanating from its head) compared to the nude women sculptures at the entrance of the Faculty Center. Interesting contrasts. But one needs a women-sensitive mind to be able to decipher what makes one a work of art... For more women-positive sites, you can tour around UP and take a notebook and a pen and guess the other 14 sites I failed to mention here.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Cool! Sa tinagal tagal ko sa UP ay hindi ko napansin 'yang mga sites na yan (maliban lang sa sculpture sa Women's Center dahil graduate na ako noong itinayo iyon).

I guess kulang sa promoting 'yung mga sites na iyo. I hope na my pics dito.

Its good that you brought that thing to our attention. Hahanapin ko iyon pag nadalaw ako sa UP.

runningmeditation said...

Salamat sa interest mo. Gumagawa kami ngayon ng calendar for SY 2009-2010 featuring those women-positive sites.