Monday, May 19, 2008

at last! i created my own blog

I always thought that blogging is a waste of time primarily because i am not fond of writing. I just love to move, to paint and teach but not writing. But this time, for the past 6 hours, I was given the space and time to appreciate this kind of mental activity. Hope I can always be this enthusiastic and sustain this blogspot.

Anyway, the title of my blog seems strange. Actually it is a combination of two female names (one greek and one islamic in origins). Perhaps, I will be delving on this issue of women, of women's dilemma ("that sounds greek to me') and of women in "shrouds" or "prisons" (not literally metal bars).

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thegrapebunch said...

and i'm sure we'll be enjoying reading your entries in this blog. :) wow, thanks for the trivia too!
have fun with this new avenue of channeling your artistic side!