Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Top Ten Bloggers for 2008

This is my entry to the top "Top 10 Emerging Blog of 2008"
1.on running and happiness
-a blow-by-blow account of a first time marathoner: thrilling!

2. pinoymountaineer
-perfect guide for first time travelers to Sagada especially the gallery site!

3. welcome to my world
-picturesque and pleasing to the eyes

4. mga diskurso ni doy
- written in the vernacular, talks about developmental issues particularly the use o the English language and development

5. blog ni inday!
- i love this one! full of Filipinoy-jokes

6. the wisdom journal
- if one wants to be a leader, one can truly gather wisdom from the writer

7. the rose garden rambler
- full of greens! if one wants to learn more about flora and fauna

8. simple mom
- her cultural approach in writing really invites me to come and read her articles plus homey pictures

9. only in the philippines!
- political commentaries on presentday issues

10. sanrio town
- this is click for girls and girls at heart! the big spaces in between pictures and words is comforting to the eyes!


lateralus said...

Hi there. Were you trying to vote for Pinoymountaineer or Visit Sagada ? :) (number 2 - the description is for Visit Sagada but the link is different. thanks) said...

Hi. Note that the following started before July 2007

1. On running and happiness
2. Mga Diskurso ni Doy

SanrioTown is a portal.

Let me know once you update your entry to replace the 3 above and will note of it. Thank you.

Aspiring Entrepreneur said...

Check my blog too. It's all about investments, entrepreneurship, personal finance, money management, and business. It features articles on stories of entrepreneurs and my own journey towards achieving financial freedom. Hope you include my blog. :-) said...

Hi Prescy. 3 more blogs and your entry will be included in our masterlist. Hope you can update. Cheers. said...

Hello. Please advise if you will update this post and complete your top 10. We are now finalizing the list of entries for the raffle.

Also, we have an eyeball this August 11. It will be great if you can join. Thank you.