Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I never thought visiting blogs can be that enjoyable. I loved that kind of cross-country visits like that of simple-mom's blog on "taking-off one's shoes" before entering another home. She comes from Kosovo and yet that same practice happens almost in every Asian country, including the Philippines. I also visited "doy cinco's discourses on the use of the English language. He argued that most Asian countries which are now ahead of us (in development) did not make English their medium of communication in school or government. Another interesting blog is that of an intimate friend who narrated, blow-by-blow, her experience of finishing a 42K run. How I wish I was there to congratulate her. Other blogs that I nominated were interesting in their lay-out and color choices like that of Sanrio, the greens in theroserambler really attracts me and the scenic spots of Sagada held my!

Hope i can combine those features of good writing, balance and attractive lay-out and a firm political stance on issues.

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